Thursday, January 8, 2009

Etsy goodies update :)

And here we go!!

Holidays are over and I'm ready to show you something new!!
Below is a couple of shrinkable plastic goodies I realized for my last Christmas exhibition:

Hair clips - Little Red Riding Hood
I've just found some coloured and simple hair barrettes to work with, so I'm thinking of a new series of hair clips, and this is the very first pair! :)

Brooch - Snail Dreams
And here is my latest plastic brooch, ready to join the "Geisha" and "The Carousel" ones.

They're both available in my Etsy shop

Moreover, it seems like fabric broochies are the latest fashion out there, and I have to say they've been actually tickling my imagination so far, so...Get ready to see new stuff very soon!!

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