Thursday, January 8, 2009

Limited edition of magnets for Libellulobar!

This year stars with some great news!! Two of my illustrations have been selected to be realized in a limited edition of 50 exemplars of magnets for Libellulobar !!

Below are all the other beautiful subjects selected:

You can see:
  • "La tête dans les nuages" par Lore M
  • “no name” par Catherine Samuel
  • "Ballooons" par Hajnalka
  • "L’arche du ciel" par Delily
  • "Mister Coco Moka" par Ju fée du Joli
  • And "Sewing Sally" and "Little Brown Sleeping Wolf" by me

Check them out here .
I'll let you know when they will be released..I can't wait to hang them on my fridge!!

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