Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back from the holydays

With a couple of sketches...

And so here I am, back from Christmas holidays...Finally this Christmas has been snowy and cold as it's ment to be, I loved it so!!

This new year has promised me some pretty good news (like an illustration course..As a teacher, yeah!)...we'll see!!
In the meanwhile I need to find some time for myspelf to develop a couple of ideas, like those in the sketches below:

This one with the girl and the elephant was inspired by a commercial I saw in the theater last night (right before the beginning of "Madagascar 2")...It was so sweet that I just had to work on it in my own way :)

And this is a sketch I did for the first subject for my upcoming new miniature series...I own three colourful mini baroque frames waiting to be filled with pictures...So...

Do you want to give me some of your free time? ;)


  1. Te ne darei volentieri ma ne ho talmente poco anche io...

  2. Eheheh!
    Infatti...Noi disegnatori qui, etichettati come perdigiorno che fanno del loro hobby una professione, e che non facciamo altro che lamentarci di non aver abbastanza tempo! :p

  3. Oh these look absolutely adorable!


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