Friday, September 25, 2009

My heart is missing...

Please forgive me for this absence...

I was planning to host a new giveaway for the Autumn season (and I probably will, maybe next moth), I wanted to post new pics and create new products...But In these days I'm so sad and I just can't stop looking outside my window...

I miss a piece of my heart, and I just don't know where he is now...
Merlino went away 6 days ago...And still I can't find him anywhere.
I only hope he's having fun somewhere else for a while and he'll be back soon. I hope he's well.
But I have to do something, even if I just don't know what!

So, well...Please forgive me for this absence, I'll be back soon.

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Perdonate questa latitanza...

Avevo in mente di tenere un nuovo giveaway per la stagione Autunnale (e probabilmente lo farò, magari il mese prossimo), volevo postare nuove foto e creare nuovi prodotti...Ma in questi giorni mi sento davvero giù e non riesco a smettere di guardare fuori dalla finestra...

Mi manca un pezzo del mio cuore, e non ho la più pallida idea di dove possa essere...

Merlino è andato via 6 giorni fa...E ancora non riusciamo a trovarlo.
Spero solo che si stia divertendo da qualche altra parte e che torni presto. Spero che stia bene.
ma devo fare qualcosa, anche se non so proprio cosa!

Così, bhè...Perdonate la mia assenza, tornerò presto.



  1. Oh my!! I really do hope you find your kitty! :( Heres the best of luck from me and Ill keep my fingers crossed for you!! Take care Sweetie! xxxxx

  2. Thank you so so so much, honey! ♥
    Your words truly give me warmth! :)



  3. He still hasn't come back ? Oh no... :( *hugs*
    BTW, I didn't comment earlier, the stationery is gorgeous !

  4. Capisco benissimo la tua preocupazione....
    Sono sicura che Merlino ritornera presto.
    Un abbraccio,

  5. Oh, that must be awful for you!
    So I'm hoping he comes back soon!

    Lots of hearts and Good Luck!

  6. Thanks so much to every single one of you ♥
    Seriously, you're too lovely :)
    ...Now I can't do nothing but to wait, and send him all my love. We're here, and we'll all be waiting to see him back.

    Grazie mille anche a te Cata, sei dolcissima ♥

  7. Bongiorno Ale , c 'est Aude ,

    are you in the country, next to a town , let me know ... i have always been with cats , is he a female , if not don't worry : he is searching a female , did you see the weather ? It is warm and the sun is shinning , he is with a female ... maybe for 10 days more .. don't forget to let him some food ... Is it the first time he does it ??? How old is he ?
    If he is young i am sure that he is in love with a cat woman , the past year i did help my little neighbour to search her cat female : 15 days with a cat ... in love ...
    Please, write me to answer to my questions , i perfectly know the cats .. they are my companions since i am on earth , i hate them, i love them , COURAGE ALE !

    BACI de France !


  8. Thank you for your loving support Aude, dear ♥
    I'll answer to your question via e-mail :)

    *Lots of love*


  9. So sorry to hear your kitty is missing, hope you'll find him soon.

  10. Ale spero tu l'abbia ritrovato !



  11. Ancora no, tesora... :°°(
    I giorni passano, ma io non perdo le speranze...Incrociamo le dita...

    Baci baci ♥

  12. oh my :( i hope is he back now

  13. Hallo dear,
    no, not yet... :"(
    I did all my best to find him, but it seems like I failed...
    I think all I can do now is wait and hope..And keep dreaming of him everynight ♥


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