Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Stationery stuff with my artwork by Cartilia!!

Today a received a package from Cartilia Distribuzione s.r.l. with some examples of my new line of stationery product coming up in 2009!
I know it may sound not so modest but I have to say it...I love this stuff!!
I've always been into stationery and things like that, so this products make me feel so happy and proud :)

I took some pictures, here is a small preview:

Bookmarks: "...Chi va piano...", "Gli equilibristi", "In Chiave di Fa - Sonno"

Organizer 2009 "...Chi va Piano..."

Notebook "Penelope & Pauline a Passeggio"

Notebook: "Drum Dream"

Greeting card: "...Chi va piano..."

Greeting card: "Penelope & Pauline a Passeggio"

Greeting card: "Una Storia di Scarpe"

They also released three Art Posters 50 x 70 printed in high quality artistic paper with these illustrations:

"...Chi va piano..."

"A Snail's Dream"
"Down the Rabbit Hole"

Now I can't wait to see these things in bookshops around the world! :)

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