Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two exhibitions coming next ♥

...Oh, well...I disappeared, again.
What can I do?...I think time keeps on hiding very well away from me, because I can never find it... at all!pika11

So, all I can do now is inviting you to my upcoming exhibitions, waiting to find the time to take good pictures of things I want to show you, and good words to describe them...Will you be waiting for me?

La galleria d’arte Il Sipario di Giulianello, è lieta di presentare la personale dell’illustratrice Alessandra Fusi dal titolo “Dans le monde de mes reves il aurait…” che si inaugurerà Giovedì 11 Marzo 2010 alle ore 18.30 e sarà visibile al pubblico fino al 15 Aprile 2010.

Galleria Il Sipario

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 6
04010 Giulianello (LT) tel: 06/9664099

Orario: Lun: 16.30-19 Mart-Sab: 9-13; 16.30-19

EXpolIVe project

13/03/2010 20.00
Portuense 47 - Roma, 00100
ingresso gratuito

Ingresso Gratuito. Aperitivo 19.30-21.30
Dalle 19.30 esposizione di Phalsographie di MARCO IOANNUCCI, cinemostra di illustrazioni di ALESSANDRA FUSI, esposizione artigianato con materiali di riciclo by LO GNOMO BEFFARDO.

Dalle 20.00 reading "Tutto Fumo Niente Ariosto" di RUBEN TOMS.
Dalle 21.30 Live Acustici di PIERPAOLO AIELLO e teatro canzone "Deregulatae" by PROGETTO LODOMACCANTO.

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PS: I saw Alice in Wonderland, in the end....And....I'm disappointed.
Seriously, I would have never imagined I would feel like this. I'd be curious to read your thoughts...


  1. Oh Alessandra, that'll be very nice to see your beautiful work but I'm in Spain...are you planing to have an exposition here?...That'll be fantastic!!
    I wish you the better.
    Un saludo

  2. Hello Alessandra...your art is absolutely remarkable!!! I'm smitten, totally smitten by it! If only I could see your work in person, but you're so faraway... :(


♥ I love to read your thoughts and comments ♥

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